Bretton Gaucher manufactures and sells a whole range of shooting weapons, shotguns, double barrel side-by-side rifles, over-and-under rifles, lightweight, small gauge rifles.

Bretton Gaucher is also a workshop for engraving weapons by Annie Brunel boasting the title of « best craftsman of France ». Consult our product range.

Discover all our models : G5, G6, GR Rifle, G9, G12,GA Rifle, GR Phantom Rifle, G12 Phantom, Sprint std, Baby std Rifle, Baby luxe, Sprint luxe, Fair-play luxe Rifle, Mxt Rifle, Bretton Gaucher Rifle, ouverture, Bivouac Rifle, Prestige, commemorative, cougar, cougar superluxe

Bretton Gaucher is also a workshop for gun engraving. Engraving of all types : game scene, animals, arabesque engraving, scroll engraving, English style engraving, soft or relief engraving, engraving on steel or aluminium. All our engravings are performed by Best craftsman of France who will make your weapon a unique work of art.Finally Bretton Gaucher is a workshop for weapon renovation, wood renovation, polishing, ball indent, chromium plating, anodising and silver case hardening

Bretton Gaucher manufactures and sells all types of weapons, rifles, double barrel, side-by-side, over-and-under, lightweight, small gauge rifles. Our wide product range offers you a choice of double trigger or single trigger shotguns, different types of stocks : straight, blind or pistol grip…